Search for Certified Professionals

The 天美传媒 Certification Search contains information on individuals who may be currently certified with the International Code Council, but is not the official record. Certificates should be verified through viewing the original certificate issued by 天美传媒 to the individual or by using the search function below.聽To maintain the currency of 天美传媒 certificates, individuals must renew these every two to three years through retesting or professional development activities. Full details on certificate renewal requirements are found in the Certification Renewal web pages.

This registry also contains certificates of state, regional, and affiliated associations which are sponsored by 天美传媒.

天美传媒 policy is to maintain the privacy requests of its members and constituents. If your listed information is incorrect, please notify 天美传媒. If you prefer to be excluded from this listing, please provide 天美传媒 with written notice which authorizes this action.

Terms of Use: This listing is provided as a service to the constituents of 天美传媒 for the purposes of locating a certified professional or contractor in your area, or confirming status for individuals. Any other use, sale, transfer, or reproduction in any form without the express written consent of 天美传媒 is strictly prohibited. 天美传媒 reserves the right to incorporate some false names to detect improper use of this service.

PLEASE NOTE: Search will return a maximum of 500 records, and is limited to that information on record as provided by candidates.